Infographics are a great way to present information to language students. Visual cues can help all learners make a connection between what they see and what they hear. The process of creating infographics can chrystalize information for students and, as a result, they have a visual representation of the material. Infographics can also help students begin to make other connections that are so important in language class: geography, history, art, culture.

I have had the most sucess with and Google Drawing. is a freemium platform and Google Drawing comes free as part of Google Apps. Both have enough features to get you moving. You can find other tools and a more detailed description of how to use infographics in ELA class in this Edutopia post.

Here is a simple grid model to practice with the verb “gustar.” Play around with it yourself  or, even better, have your student play around with it. I imagine this tool would be useful in a presentation of the verb “gustar,” or in the presentation/review of any vocabulary lesson: los deportes, el ocio, la escuela, la música, etc. I have grouped the grid lines and labels. All of the points are free to name and move as you like. Please just download the file or copy the document and save it under a new name.



Copy of Gustos


Are you using infographics in your language classes? Do you have any templates like this one? Any suggestions for future templates or topics? Please let me know in the comments below or @connolly335.