Here are 19 reasons why I teach–one for each of my years as an educator, plus one for next year.

I teach because…

  • my parents were teachers, and teaching is a noble way to earn a living.
  • my parents taught me to respect teaching and learning.
  • I had amazing teachers.
  • students need allies and advocates.
  • kids do amazing thing–things I never could and things they don’t know they can.
  • because students do amazing things like this.
  • teachers are the best colleagues to have: smart, supportive and supremely kind.
  • our world needs more thinkers and tinkerers.
  • because I love to track growth: my personal growth, the growth of my students, and the growth of my peers. 
  • because I had teachers who cared deeply about my growth. 
  • I care about the life of the mind.
  • teaching provides me with a daily reminder that I am a learner too.
  • I enjoy the rhythm of a school year.
  • I get claustrophobic in cubicles; I need a classroom space.
  • I love to see students make connections–ones I imagined and ones I never could. 
  • EdTech makes teaching more dynamic every day. 
  • I like to engage students in reflection on what they are learning and how they learn best.
  • I like to see wheels turning and hear things clicking.
  • there there is always another chance to get it right–for students and teachers.

Why do you teach?