Author’s Note: This post was inspired by a poem of the same title by Joseph Chapman and Laura Eve Engel, published in The Best American Poetry 2016.

1. Pokémon Goal Line Stand
2. The Terrible Trowels
3. The Brady Bunch
4. The Bünchen Bunch
5. The Brady Bünchen
6. The OTAs
7. The OAs
8. The Win in the Willows
9. Manchester By The Sea Devils
10. The 10 Lambeau Leapers
11. The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald
12. Randy Moss for President
13. The Iron Golems
14. The Curtis Martin Experience
15. The First Ballot Hall Of Famers
16. Rogue Three And Out
17. Rogue Four Down Territory
18. Rogue Two Point Play
19. The Hawkins Upside Downers
20. Why Is There No Major Market Sports Team Named the Ospreys? They Kind Of Are Sick!
21. Pantone 2125 C
22. Sunday Bloody Sunday
23. The Barcelona Drag-Them-With-You-For-Extra-Yardage
24. Warren Moon Over Parador
25. PSI: PSI Science Investigation
26. The Lost Gronkowski Brother
27. Pantone 660 XGC
28. The Oath of Awful
29. Gino Cappelletti’s Crew
30. West Coast Waxwings
31. The Beta Fish Band
32. Expansion: Discuss


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