via Daily Prompt: Simple

I have had idioms and expression on my my recently. There was a great thread in a recent #langchat on Twitter (Thursdays at 8pm EST and Saturdays at 10am EST) that inspired my to pull together a list of my favorite 75 expressions in Spanish.

Today’s daily prompt “simple” got me thinking about expressions we use in English to say something is simple and easy. Here are my favorites.

  1. Simple as pie. Simple and tasty to eat…sweet and straightforward.
  2. Simple (Easy) as that. What’s “that,” exactly? Doesn’t matter. It’s simple. Go with it.
  3. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. There you go: simple expression to express simplicity. We can use this to describe process, whether it has three steps or more.
  4. It’s a piece of cake. Like with “Simple as pie,” the reference here is how simple and sugary sweet something is.
  5. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Rude, but right on.
  6. It’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Yeah…English is weird. I think anyone will get the jist of this, no matter his or her fluency level in English.The real matter here is who thought of this, and why has it endured?
  7. Easy peasy (lemon squeezy). A classic. Works best with the under-six set, but you can always go with this and feel good about it.
  8. It’s as easy as falling off a log. Thank you gravity. Screw you ground. Let this be a lesson: not all things that are simple and easy are fun.
  9. Simple Simon… This intro to the nursery rhyme of the same name is classic way to say something is simple. Now, as with most nursery rhymes, there are all sorts of lost verses and lugubrious undertones, so best to keep is short and, well, simple.
  10. It’s (like) a walk in the park. Great place to be. Great place to end my list. A walk in the park is fun, freeing, sunny and simple.

There it is, simply stated: my list of 10 English expressions to say something is “simple.” What are your favorites? How do you express these ideas in your language? Let me know in the comments below.