Google recently announced the release of AutoDraw which, according to The Keyword, is is a “new web-based tool that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw.” The tool is the both the evolution and inverse of Quick, Draw!, the A.I. guessing game. In Quick, Draw! we helped crowd source the world’s largest doodle data set. Now the set becomes the palette to create, edit, download and share images. On first pass, it’s a success both as a stripped-down, on-the-go drawing program and a Miró meets metadata mashup of man and machine power. The real sell is that it works across platforms: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

Now, it’s no Photoshop for high definition, high resolution images. It’s no Noun Project for icons or buttons. It’s no Canva or Adobe Spark for snappy social graphics. It’s not even a mobile version of Google’s own Drawing. However, for G Suite Schools, Chromebook schools, BYOD schools, or designers on a dime, AutoDraw is a single solution for most graphic design and visualization projects.

What can teachers and students do with these images? Here are eight ways to use AutoDraw.

  1. Create Drawings to embed in reports, presentations and blog posts.
  2. Create Drawings to use as elements of–or full–infographics.
  3. Create mind maps, flowcharts, KWL charts or other graphical organizers.
  4. Create flashcards for foreign language or ESL classes. Play pictionary. 2x points if you can guess the word based on the doodle, 1x points if you can guess based on the A.I. selection.
  5. Create scenes to help students with their skills in the area of description, narration, reaction, recommendation, etc. This helps language learners at all levels of all languages.
  6. Use it as an easy sketchpad for math across levels, from fractions to higher order functions.
  7. Mock up sketchnotes or keep visual notes in real time. This might be hard on a phone, but it is a great sell with tablets and laptops at all price points.
  8. Do any of the above to create images (.png files) to app smash with more powerful programs mentioned above to activate deeper engagement in any subject area.

This tool just went live recently. Stay tuned for more information and more applications.

Happy drawing!