via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

Have you even thought about the end-of-life lifecycle of a toothbrush? I think a fair bet is “No.” As a cyclist, I have. Instead of tossing the toothbrush in the trash when the indicator band tells me it’s time, I upcycle it into my bicycle cleaning kit. A quick dip into a wash and then prep with some degreaser–“Tadaaah!”–the toothbrush has a second life.

Toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning cog sets, cranks, jockey wheels and rim brake mechanisms. Toothbrushes work wonders for frame detailing too. Of course I could purchase a bike specific cleaning kit, but this is a case where REUSE and RECYCLE helps me REDUCE at not cost to my bicycles. There cases where skimping impacts performance in the negative, but this does not seem to be one. Simple Green plus this simple solution keeps by rides running smoothly, adding just enough sparkle and spearmint essence to impress other riders on the road.